Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Survived Hurricane Rowan

I blame the weather, the clouds are hanging so low and heavy it's enough to give a person a headache just being under them. Then there are the short bursts of rain, which I actually enjoy, the clouds releasing their somberness, like a good cry after a hard day. But I still blame the weather for turning my angelic little Rowan into a screaming water fountain: literally, since this morning he has shed enough tears to fill a small front yard water feature. The ladies at the play group were looking at me with a mixture of compassion and horror while I could see them thinking, "please Lord let that never be me". Rowan was oblivious, evidently caught up in screaming, however Lucas caught on and cowered behind my pant leg. No amount of shaking could loosen him off. I tried to see the humor in it all and was finally able to start a hysterical kind of small laughter (he ha ha ha, he hah ha e-e-e-e-e) after leaving the grocery store where the neighbouring cashier sang I've got a lov-e-ly bunch of coconuts, deedle ee dee to my wretchedly weeping child while I stood in a daze and totally forgot that I had to pack my own groceries. "He must be teething" I think I said that to about 20-30 people throughout the morning blitz, but honestly, I have no clue.

Hurricane survival guide, don't try to be prepared cause theres no way you can be, keep your wits about you cause it aint going to help to hit the deer jumping across the road, bong Tim Tams in the aftermath while trying to ease the knots in your jaw and upper back. If you don't know how to bong a Tim Tam, go to Australia and find out cause it's really worth the trip.
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