Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We have finally mostly finished the deluxe condo angora house, it still needs some furnishings but it's functional and so far the bunnies are giving us two thumbs up! The hutch is designed to accomodate up to 7 rabbits and the walls can be removed to provide larger living quarters for mommies and babies or whatever. Each hutch has its own nest box (you can see the one on the floor before it was mounted onto the ceiling) which provides a second floor in the hutch. My two English anorgas, Ebony and Wakefield, love jumping up to their second story and the nest box gives them a place to feel safe. My newest additions to Solsitce Farm are Daisy and her three kits, Violet, Lavalyn, and Morgan. They are all so friendly (although I think Daisy still misses her mommy) and the babies are so beautiful! They have blue eyes and are soooo soft and cuddly. Lavalyn is the most friendly, she comes when I call and loves to eat out of my hand. She also loves the exercise pen and I try to give each of the bunnies a turn in the pen at least every other day, depending on the weather.

I'm allowing myself a break to write this blog when if fact I should be racing around trying to get the last few things ready for my studio tour. It starts Friday and I wish I had some more weavings available, I had planned to have many more done and new warps tied on, but c'est la vie, non? My latest weaving style, as shown on the loom, is something that happened rather spontaneously and I am very excited with the results. I think I will be playing around with the hand-dyed warp with stripes for a while, it is very satisfying to weave and has somewhat satiated my artistic longings.

Be sure to come by and see my studio if you are free this weekend. The map is available at

Rocky Studio Tour

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fibre Girl!

I'm warped and I'm twisted,
A true spinny broad,
Hair short of a micron,
A bit niddy nod.

I can't seem to stop,
All my spinning and roving.
My neighbours complain,
Of the woofing and warping.

A little short stapled,
I'm quite loosely crimped.
Though small varigations,
Have nubbed me and slipped.

I draw and I treadle,
And it's not surprising,
That adding a heddle,
Can leave me undressing.

Too late for me now,
I'm teasled and flicked,
My fastness is fading,
My selvedges slipped.

Don't mourn for my beating,
I'm leased and drawn down.
I'm just going to pedal,
My way out of town.

-Anna Williamson

A heartfelt thanks to the Nanton Weavers and Spinners Guild for all of their inspiration. I know you'll find this as funny as I do!
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