Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lucas on the Harley

We had a great visit with Uncle Colin (David's brother) and Rhonda when they came out to the ranch. Lucas got to stay up late and socialize and Rhonda took some great photos of him and his Uncle. I think Lucas has a lot of the Williamson features in his blood cause so many of these pics remind me of the shots I've seen of his cousin Levi (Colin's son).

I can't remember if Lucas was on the Harley last time Colin brought his bike down so I won't call this his first Harley ride but pretty close. Uncle Colin even let fire up the engine.

Morning chores on the farm are becoming the highlight of the day. Lucas has been learning to feed the chickens and he's pretty proud of his feed scattering abilities. I've tried to teach him to throw it far away from his bare little toes; I'd hate for one of his little toesies to get pecked. The chickens follow him around and he loves the attention. In the meantime I have to try to keep the goats occupied so they don't come and steal all the food out of his container.
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