Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gone Fishin'

What pleasure there is in difting on a glassy lake in the last days of summer while lazily attempting to fish. It's hard to believe that we have lived for 4 years very close to a stocked fishing lake yet have never fished. I had forgotten how therapeutic water is to me. I grew up with a fishless lake in our back yard and I would often take out the canoe and paddle about, thinking deep teenaged thoughts and reveling in the isolation. I remember going out once with the wind blowing to the opposite shore and having to paddle like a wild banshee (luckily I come by that naturally) to finally reach home. It was after that experience that I learned to sit in the front of the canoe when paddling into the wind. Most of my experiences, though, were filled with uninterrupted peacefulness, a commodity I prize highly.

Special thanks to Jason and family for your inspiration and for finally dragging us out fishing (true to your word!). I have since bought a fishing license and a couple other lures for the rods you gave us but we have YET to catch our first fish. Lucas did manage to tangle the lines pretty good a couple times, and we are still having fun trying though really, I wouldn't have much of an idea what to do with a floppy thrashing fish if we did catch one on our own. In fact, the thought kinda scares me.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Wakefield - Sept 6, 2008

My friend, you are gone.
I must learn, and move on.

washing washing washing washing
Dying washing washing washing
Crying washing washing washing
Hating washing washing washing
Despairing washing washing washing
Fearing washing washing washing
Dreading washing washing washing
washing Feeling washing washing
washing Knowing washing washing
washing washing Waiting washing
washing washing washing Lightning
washing washing washing Seeing
washing washing Hoping washing
washing washing Grieving washing
washing washing Wasting washing
washing washing Waiting washing
washing washing Waiting washing
Praying washing Knowing washing
Opening washing Breathing *sigh*

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Spinning a fantasy

I dug out some alpaca cria sliver that I've been saving for a special moment of spinning and here it is! I dyed it red (though it may look orange onscreen it is very red) and softness, lustre, and smoothness of the yarn was amazing, like spinning an erotic dream...

I suppose I could sell some of the handdyed sliver (finely combed roving) but to be honest, I really want to keep it all for my spinning self and it was expensive! $4/oz! but really worth it. I will, however, be selling some final products such as the scarf on the loom that is waiting to be finished, and possibly a matching hat... we'll see what my imagination unfurls.

Really, if I could weave lingirie, that's what this yarn should be. Impossibly light and soft and colorful! I love getting beautiful white wool cause I really do live to dye. Which is funny cause I'm a very natural colors kind of girl myself with a large portion of my wardrobe dedicated to browns and black but that's were accessories can be fun. Accents! Sometimes less is more.

Anyway, I have some fantastic projects on the go and I am very encouraged by the results so far. I've had a new wave of inspiration after having taken a bit of time away from the studio. I'll keep you in suspense to see what they are but they involve childrens clothing, oceans, felt, quiviut, and of course dye (not all together though).
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