Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ah, Luxury...

You know, Calgary is not so bad when you're willing to overlook crazy road names and crazier traffic. In fact, Calgary is wonderful with time spent in the good company of friends and luxury. I just had a fabulous day with Katka and Matthew, sharing snippets of conversation while ooohing and ahhhing over cute babys and marveling at Lucas' ability to rampage through the toys then fall asleep lop-sided in the stroller. How does he do that? And if that was not lovely enough for one day, I was then treated to an exquisitely seared buffalo burger by Dalyce, chef extrodinaire, and now topping it all off, like a great big sprinkle of that pretty stuff on a latte, high-speed internet!!! A day of luxury FOR SURE.

Now I'm in for the one handed blogging as Rowan is occupying the other. Behold the fair goats, Champis (swedish word for a soft drink), and Lisa (named and owned by Mor-mor). Champis is the mother and I got about 3 cups of milk from her in one milking the first day, mmmmmmmh!, and it was delicious! Rowan isn't ready for goats milk yet but he was ready for Mor-mor to feed him. We will miss you Mor-mor, have a good summer in Sweden!We will enjoy Lisa in your absence and think of you often.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Which Rowan

Hi'y'all! I'm currently having a gorgeously peaceful moment all to myself, the kids are in bed and I can't sleep (spring ahead time change, icky). There are so many wonderful apsects to my life right now, I feel so loved by my friends and I'm in love with my most handsome man. I'm getting good vibes from all my animals and I'm looking forward to extending the flock once again having somewhat recovered from the aftermath of the pysco-dog killing spree. On the flip side, living out in the boon-docks certainly has its share of disadvantages, most of them being psycological, but I'm feeling rather sunny, spring is on its way! I'm trying to choose which of these two shots to keep as my framed baby picture and to send away to all the family as the alternative shot to the studio at Wal-Mart disaster. I've already commented on that in past blogs but basically I got a really good shot of Lucas at the studio and a really unfortunate shot of Rowan that I was forced to send out with all the Christmas cards cause I had no other alternative. Soooo, finally, the alternatives!! Tough choice. Oh yeah, and ignore the one of me, I'm just using that for my profile.
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