Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Last Yukon blog

Here's a couple pictures of Lucas going down the slide. We do a lot of "parking" to wear off that extra energy and turn down the squirm in the car factor.

This picture is NOT of Lucas choking but he's not really liking broccoli on this particular day.

We've had such a wonderful time in Whitehorse and we leave tomorrow afternoon for the Alberta oil country. Bye bye Yukon (Lucas waves whenever I say bye bye)!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Snowy Yukon

These are snowy mountains about an hour away from Whitehorse. It looks like they just had a foot of new snow and we couldn't resist jumping in.

The last few days in Whitehorse have been cloudy, cold and snowy but Lucas is optomistic and looking like a hot northern guy. We've been busy hiking and park playing and doing cold weather stuff like watching movies with popcorn. Hero says last year the it was t-shirt and shorts weather. Well, we can't have all the luck.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Adventures in Whitehorse

This is a fine shot of Lucas choking (yeah, call me a bad mom) but we didn't realize it at first. Hero (the nurse) though he was just making a cute face. Nothing serious, but we almost died laughing through the rest of our fine Mexican meal (I was the next one to start choking).

Here's Lucas and I doing a self portrait in the Yukon! Those big blue eyes are major chick magnets... go Lucas! We've been here one week and are starting to love the place. Whitehorse is a cool town with cute shops, NICE places to eat and tonnes of trails! A resort compared to Rocky Mountain Hole.

This is Lucas at Miles Canyon. We went for a nice walk along the Yukon river and I ended up getting distracted by crocuses and taking a little bunny trail over rock and roots and up a huge gravel hill. We finally had to turn around when I decided against scaling a cliff with the chariot in tow (tempting as it was). We had to take a little photo break so I could catch my breath; five months of pregnancy tends to squish the lungs you know.

Here's Hero and Lucas in Skagway, Alaska. We had a great day trip and even found a very intriuging orange "PMS" pylon. (No David, I didn't take it). The canal was beautiful and the drive was fantastic from bare gravely mountains to white snowscapes to misty waterfalls to sunny seaside.
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