Monday, May 08, 2006

Adventures in Whitehorse

This is a fine shot of Lucas choking (yeah, call me a bad mom) but we didn't realize it at first. Hero (the nurse) though he was just making a cute face. Nothing serious, but we almost died laughing through the rest of our fine Mexican meal (I was the next one to start choking).

Here's Lucas and I doing a self portrait in the Yukon! Those big blue eyes are major chick magnets... go Lucas! We've been here one week and are starting to love the place. Whitehorse is a cool town with cute shops, NICE places to eat and tonnes of trails! A resort compared to Rocky Mountain Hole.

This is Lucas at Miles Canyon. We went for a nice walk along the Yukon river and I ended up getting distracted by crocuses and taking a little bunny trail over rock and roots and up a huge gravel hill. We finally had to turn around when I decided against scaling a cliff with the chariot in tow (tempting as it was). We had to take a little photo break so I could catch my breath; five months of pregnancy tends to squish the lungs you know.

Here's Hero and Lucas in Skagway, Alaska. We had a great day trip and even found a very intriuging orange "PMS" pylon. (No David, I didn't take it). The canal was beautiful and the drive was fantastic from bare gravely mountains to white snowscapes to misty waterfalls to sunny seaside.

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