Sunday, May 03, 2009

May Long Weekend Campout

The May long weekend campout is a treasured tradition for many families that I grew up with. Soon we will be having our Reinstated, 3rd Annual campout at the Bone Tree and for the benefit of campers who do not use Facebook I am posting this blog with pics and mealtime info.

We hiked out to the campsite today and I think the trail into the campsite is relatively dry. There is still snow, as can be expected on the 3rd of May but the mud pits look passable.

We bumped into other campers who were also scoping out the site, they looked suspiciously at us, making me think that we may have some competition claiming the site this year. Anyone who wants to come early and spend Wed and Thurs night claiming the site, let me know!

The creek looks quite shallow, I don't know if floating on it will be an option. Upstream looked fairly clear, needs some work , but look at the size of the log jam down stream!

Food arrangements are as follows:

Gram Hazel is essentially providing and preparing the two main means for 4PM on Saturday and Sunday. We are to pick them up at the house and return CLEAN pots and dishes. Gram was very clear, she doesn’t want “people in the house/her kitchen.”

Anyone who wants to bring ‘something’ should bring a dessert cake or square for Sunday OR prepared veggies (washed, chopped before hand) for a veggie tray. If you have a preference and email/comment/facebook me, otherwise I will delegate a task to those who has already said they wish to help.

Everybody is to bring their own drinks, snacks and whatever they want for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Their own dishes and utensils. There is no dishwashing ‘service.’ Everyone is to clean up after themselves and do their own dishes. A dish washing station will be provided.

I need a volunteer to haul out the garbage this year. I need a volunteer to bring heavy duty garbage bags. I need at least 5 people to bring big water jugs to contribute to the communal water container. I need volunteers to chainsaw and chop firewood for the campfire and the wood-fired stove. I need two people to bring either a propane bottle for a campstove or both items to be set up for communal use (breakfast, coffee, tea, etc)

David will not be around to help me out this year so I need lots of VOLUNTEERS! If you are planning to help out, let me know by commenting on this blog, OR, facebooking me, OR call me! 403-845-3575
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