Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Studio Warning: May contain scenes of creative messiness.

Weeeeeell, as promised, I am posting the little blurb from the show I was in at the library that was a promotion of the Rocky Studio Tour. *sigh* yes, I wanted to do a little blog promo for the Studio Tour as well but it happened last weekend, sooooooo, I'll do a extended follow-up to make up for my bloglessness. :)

"The heart of my farm is the studio. My favourite symbol is that of an interlocking spiral, at the center for me is creative ambition, and from that, everything else radiates.

For example, if it wasn't for my obsession with fibre arts, we probably never would have become farmers. In turn, my fibre arts studio gives me the peace and energy I need when dealing with the adventures of farm life.

My artistic philosophy is that it is much better to create than to clean. A superficial sense of chaos and disarray continually surrounds me, however, underneath it all, there is a rhythm. Create!

I renovated an old, historical log cabin to become my studio. The cabin was the farm's original homestead, built by a man who wanted to escape the world and live in the wilderness. The quality of workmanship surrounding the cabin speaks for itself, the cabin has survived almost a century of use and abuse and stills stands strong and true.

I find the cabin is a source of inspiration for me, the quality, the history, the escape, and the wilderness are all aspects that reoccur in my artwork in various ways.

When I imagine an ideal studio, I think of great, big windows, wide open spaces, and maybe an indoor waterfall. Moving to such a space (if possible) would greatly redirect my creative flow, so I am in no rush to get there, yet. The fired-log cabin studio is my complex sanctuary and I am grateful for the opportunity to be it's tenant."

The photos above are of my studio tour outdoor hand-weaving display (can you see my chicken tractor in the background!) and the studio cabin with all the flowers in bloom. I also had to include my typical lunch/dinner plate, home-made naan bread made using freshly milled grains, salad greens from the garden, olive oil with herbs, and home-made goat cheese. So good!

I have taken a break for the last couple weeks from being a wwoof host and enjoyed messying up the house and having lots of ME time (my darling boys are also away with their grandma in Sweden and I am alone in the house and its so weird!) But now the goats are starting to get MY goat like only goats can and I am ready for more helpers/woofers/farm workers. And the wheel is turning and you can't slow down, can't get off and you can't stand still...
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