Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Irie

Jah, man, de Reggae music make everything Irie.

It's my ultimate stress-free sounding and I needed it today from sun-up to sun-down. At what point did I know it was going to be a reggae music day, you may ask? Was it when my 2 year old started squeezing the kittens? Or perhaps when my almost 1 decided to scream relentlessly for 2 hours while I tried to clean the van for the first time this year. Was it when my sourdough starter jar (which I have been storing like a golden treasure for the last 2 weeks) inexplicably burst a perfectly round hole in the side spilling my precious, smelly slop over the whole kitchen? Or was it the flax seed grinder that decided to sprout my flaxseed into a mouldy mess instead of storing it nicely?

Regardless, the bread got baked, the van got cleaned, the kids got spanked, and all to the heavenly sounds of reggae music. ahhhhhhh, my hair starts to dread just listening to it, moving and soothing, shuffling and bobbing.

It took less than 2 minutes for my 2 year old to poop on the floor, squish it, step in it, and announce it with pride, but the reggae takes all the sadness away. It took less than one minute for my 2 year old to crumble styrofoam bits all over the living room floor, but the reggae music takes all the sadness away. It took less than one second for the loud toy to wake the sleeping baby from his first nap today, but the reggae music take all the sadness away. That, and writing a sob story email and blog, nothing like venting to take all the sadness away. It's Irie (all right)
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