Monday, June 08, 2009


I've been so busy writing for everyone else, I haven't really had time to blog. The latest studio news is that I am part of an "Studio" exhibit at the Rocky Public Library. I'll try to post my little blurb from that later.

I also did my first "formal" interview for the local newspaper and I am so tickled to have an article in this weeks paper thats all about ME and my artwork. Small towns can be so awesome that way, everyone can feel like somebody.

Trying to find the link, this might be it here on page 4c:

Other than that, life has been busy with spring planting. Can't believe it SNOWED two days ago. My tomatoes had already been long gone from previous frosts so I wasn't too mad about the snow, but still??!! My new herbs that i special ordered from ontario are going to have to survive in planters outside the front door, with all this ridiculous weather, I don't dare put them out in the garden. I also managed to plan Grams deck building weekend to correspond with the Rocky Rodeo weekend. I swear, that rodeo puts a jinx on the town, some awful weather always happens for rodeo weekend. Good thing for being hard-core (and now sore because of it), pounding nails through the sleet and snow. It felt great to get muddy with a good work-out and learn some more carpentry skills.
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