Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Projects

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I'm trying to come up with something izzy but my mind is to bogged down with new projects. I've started weaving again at the Guild in Rocky and I just finished some black and white chair covers that still need to be upholstered, I think the antique chairs I made them for will look outstanding with the handwoven look. I'm also trying to spin but having a spinning wheel in the house with young children and cats just doesn't seem to work. Here are some nice hand-spun and hand-dyed wools waiting to be woven into some fanciful thing.

It's so unbelievably refreshing to get outside. I've had the worst case of cabin fever and now my poor house is being sorely neglected but I don't care, I'll tend to that when I'm stuck indoors next winter! My little chickens are 3 weeks old and starting to hold their own but I still worry continually about them. In fact, I must confess, I'm starting to obsess about my animals. Of course, being me, I have psycho-analysed this behaviour to great lengths and I am temporarily concluding that my lack of social life has led to the need to make up good reasons why I "can't" get out much, there-by leading to compulsive animal welfare worry. I've been eagerly anticipating figuring out what kind of chickens I have cause I ordered a "heritage package" and the hatchery just sends whatever they have on hand that day and until they grow real feathers it's hard to tell what they are. It'll still be a few months before I'll be able to tell male from female but I'm desperately trying to determine breeds, though every day I see a new feather and have to reevaluate. Yeah, I know, I'm obsessing, would you believe me if I said it keeps me up at night... I mean, this is me we're talking about.

I've also gone back on a promise I made myself to not do any gardening this year cause it would just burn me out, what with livestock obsessing and all, but unfortunately I did not share this plan with my husband who just went out and bought a bunch of seeds and I can't just let them sit there and DIE! Yes, I planted them (according to the proper moon phase and everything) and now the little shoots are starting to come up, though I have no where to put the little plants cause they will soon be evicted from the bunkhouse where they are now happily growing. We're trying to have the bunkhouse ready to rent May 1st. I guess I feel like I'm obsessing because it's not just that I'm taking care of these little chicks and plants but I'm falling in LOVE with them in a weird sort of way and when one chick was recently threatening to die I think I cried for about an hour, I mean real crying. I just am so worried that everythings going to DIE and it will all be because of ME and my inadequacy! sigh, deep breath, let it go. Ok, I'm ok. So, I can now conclude that obsessions are not healthy behaviours, and neither are internet addictions. I rather think I've said enough for today! Tootle E Too!

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