Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot from the dye pot

I tried a new dye technique on cotton to see if I could duplicate on cotton what I did for my wool Kaleidoscope scarves. (you can see one here)

  • Kaleidoscope scarf

  • But the cotton didn't take up the dye like it thought it would so it's a little light, still useable though and I'm going to make a few different things with this warp, wall hanging, a variety of scarves, it's kinda fun to change plans midway, it challenges my creative forces. I like the earthyness of the colors though I was hoping for a brighter yellow.

    I wanted to show off my beautiful boys in their handwoven vests that they wore to my brothers wedding. They didn't have any formal clothes and the wedding was just before christmas so it wasn't a great time to go shopping. Two days before the wedding inspiration hit and I whipped up these vests out of some old woven cloth I had lying around. I made bowties out of the cut out scraps and they were so precious! They certainly didn't inherit my camera-shyness. The little men can sure strike a pose!


    1. oh my...your little boys are adorable and those vests are perfect!

    2. SECURITY CENTER: See Please Here


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