Wednesday, June 25, 2008

North Country Fair

I was a craft vendor at NCF and was it ever INTENSE!! I made lots of sales, talked to many cool people, learned alot about tie-dye, and worked my ass off with a little bit of crazy dancing thrown into the mix. I would never have survived without my helpers, Colin, Jasmine, Christy, and Ben, who deserve thousands of thanks. Honestly, I haven't worked so hard since my days as a highballer treeplanter and camp cook.

I had my weavings set up on one side of the tent and a tie-dye station on the other side. A few things to change for next year are to have some sort of awning so the shy customers don't have to come right inside the tent but can view from a safe distance. I'm so scary, I know. Also, I don't know if I would do tie-dye and weavings together again, it was too distracting to have all these options. I'm hoping for next year to arrange with the big fair bosses and have a tie-dye station set up for volunteer shirts. Have one big tie-dye workshop and that's it.

Of course, the things I thought would really sell, such as my Grateful Dead mini tapestries, didn't sell at ALL! It just confirms that it's so impossible to predict. The theory, however that you sell 10-15% of what you bring was somewhat true and I need to stock pile a HUGE selection if I do this next year. And not have so much variety, streamline baby.

Anyway, lots to learn and I'm no longer a fair virgin, though a long way from being a fair crone, ha ha, wouldn't that be great. I did meet a few and they are pretty wild, these ladies, especially the psycic ones. Shouldn't laugh, it'll probably be me someday.

The tie-dye boys had a blast. When Lucas wasn't busy kissing the girls he was wandering off and scaring the life out of us. Both the boys were so independant and free, they played hard, cried hard, slept hard, my little festival troopers, they were awesome.

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