Saturday, August 16, 2008

I dream, I dare, I wish, I recieve

I can't seem to escape an unreachable star
It's beyond my life's journey,
Fathoms away, Yet it's there, perhaps
Even dreaming of me.

Just cannot escape from this bright distant star.
It's beauty is wild and ruthless, untamed,
I imagine beholding it, savouring flavours,
Dark passions reach my aspiring brain.

Be part of me star!
Cease the torment of my mind,
You are too far to reach,
Unattainable dream.

Be part of me star!
You forbidden obssesion
You faceless opponent
Desired misdirection.

Be part of me star!
Time wastes for your presence
Unproductive imaginings
I speak your existance.

Your distance is lessening,
Your havoc and brightness
The morning is coming
I inhale our oneness.

Can you influence me,
And leave my heart be?
Please, be part of me star,
Let me be what I"ll be.

1 comment:

  1. Hey. Nice work. I just bumped into your page and noticed you and I share a common interest in Sasquatch. You should probably check out the account I just wrote of my Yeti-hunting expedition that started deep in the woods of Arkansas and is headed now to Australia.


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