Thursday, October 19, 2006

Extending the flock

We just can't seem to stop extending the flock! This lovely little budgie we've named Bartholemew (one of David's favourite names, I call him Bartie) and he just started to give a few little chirps today, a sign that he's feeling more at home. I know nothing about domestic birds but I had envisioned that when my greenhouse gets built this winter (hopefully), I would create in it a safe haven for tame birds that they might encourage the plants with their song. Seeing as we seem to get everything in pairs (2 dogs, 2 llamas, 2 more llamas, 2 goats, 2 cats, 2 boys) I expect another bird will be arriving shortly.

These next pictures are for especially for you, Hero. David thinks we should start sending photos to food companys and get Lucas into advetising. He certainly is photogenic.

Let me think now, do I have any vents for today.... no, none today, I know you're all sorry to hear that.

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  1. I think David may be onto something; Lucas could be a child star yet! He really is amazingly photogenic (--I might be a little biased since I think he's an amazing kid and think his mom is one of the most fantastic women I know.)
    Sidebar: I love that you vented. Just sad that you feel like you have to defend the thoughtful choices you've made about how to raise your children. On the plus, maybe you're right and at some point, when you feel ready, some other mom (or dad) who shares your philosophy about raising children will feel less alone becuase of you --technology can be isolating but it might also connect you to like minded people who you wouldn't have meet otherwise.


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