Sunday, October 29, 2006

Farewell Dog

Free to a good home. Killer dog, especially fond of goats, cats, cattle, and deer. Otherwise friendly (ie. no human attacks to date), fairly quiet, and was once voted number 1 dog on Whyte Ave. Any takers? Responses must be prompt as my patience has reached it's final end and dog is about to make a one way trip to the edge of eternity. Did I mention the chickens? Also fond of chickens. I had actually made some "free to a good home" posters in the spring when my patience was being strongly tested (but had not reached its end) and I sure regret not following through with them at that time. Five chickens, two goats and nearly a kitten later, I have no more mercy for this animal, though it has taken us some time to conclusively determine who was the destroying culprit. We even had to get some help from Fish and Wildlife, whom I called after the grievous death of our goats. Thanks to F&W I learned to determine what creature most likely caused the death by skinning the animal down and inspecting bruises and punctures, gory yet interesting. Maybe I'll include details on another posting. (We wanted to know for safety reasons if it was a cougar or wolf related attack) Despite her many short-comings though, Kona was a great tree-planting camp dog, good traveller, and cute besides. Here's a final farewell to Kona, hope you have better luck wherever you end up.

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