Friday, January 26, 2007

Smiling buddha

Here is wise man Rowan with his drop-dead gorgeous smile, who can resist it? He is the happiest little boy, even when he was sick he managed a smile now and then. It must be cold season cause the boys are either sniffling, coughing, crouping, croaking, or all of the above. It's friday and I survived the week. I feel like I've been training for a marathon, in fact, a marathon would probably be kinder than the long days and sleepless nights that I have been through tending to my sick boys. The "body for life" man says to "transform adversity into energy", and all week long I've been thinking that's possible for everyone BUT the mother of small children. However, having experience the first somewhat normal day of the week, I can say that all this adversity of the past few days has made "normal" seem a whole lot more bearable. That's a positive thing, right? Well, considering that "normal" was starting to feel a little unbearable before, I can now say that something good has indeed come out of a week long adventure with high fevers and crying crablettes. "When you overcome resistance you create the power to continually reach higher"

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