Friday, February 16, 2007

February Blues

Nothing quite like a beautiful, cheery amarylis to brighten oneself up on a blue blue February day. You know, the good thing about the blues is that it inspires all the deep dark questions that are usually tucked away in closets and dark corners, like what the heck am I doing with this life and these seldom used talents and what is it that I want out of this life anyway? Well, I sure enjoy some of the looks I get from these kids, but what do I do when child play and baby talk just doesn't cut it anymore?

David certainly knows how to cheer me up, I got a great big rrrrrruby ring for Valentines AND a night out at "Java and Jazz". Some other ways to fend off the blues.... hmmmm, therapy, very strong anti-psycotic drugs (yes, I've done my homework)? No I'm more along the lines of spinning, visiting, nights out, eating Grams food, and feeding the llamas. Also, I'm doing a small scientific experiment on how housework is related to the depressing, mood-thwacking "running to stand still" syndrome. My objective is to reach the nirvanic state of allowing my consciousness to rise above the surrounding mess/chaos and reach the plane of happiness and peace in which my mind is totally unaffected by a sink load or two of smelly dishes, a bathroom, hallway, and bedroom full of dirty laundry, and a million billion tiny crumbs on the floor. Ahhhhh, bliss.

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