Monday, November 10, 2008

Weaving frenzy!

It doesn't feel like Christmas at all! But really, it's coming up fast and I am enjoying my Christams weaving frenzy! For the last week and a half I have tried to weave a blanket or scarf a day! Except when I'm away from home, which seems rather often.

Between Etsy (new listings uploading while I type!), Solstice Studios, Glad Tidings Doula Service, and Incredi-Mom, I am a very happy and busy girl. The weather has been awesome so the kids can play outside my log cabin for quite a while every day while I weave away inside and listen to their happy noise and try to ignore the sounds of them punching each other.

I haven't had a chance to blog as much as I like with all the studio work going on. I never had a chance to share about the goats breaking into the house and wreaking havoc while I was in town the ohter day. Something that I can finally laugh about (now that I have most of the mess cleaned up). They got in through the back door that was left ajar and ate all the cold storage food, all the fruit, a couple house plants, got up on the stove, chewed the toaster, peed on the carpet, peed on the futon, pooped EVERYWHERE, then stood at the window bleating loudly when I drove up to the house a few hours later. The sight of goat inside one's house can really make the stomach quake (haha, but it does).

Like I said, it's mostly all cleaned up but now my kittens have decided to destroy the remaining houseplants and I'm not really laughing over that. Some of my plants are like members of the family. These adorable little kittens have GOT to go, and no one in Rocky has responded to any of my ads. Seriously, kittens anyone?

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