Friday, February 27, 2009

Creating Kindness

How to Create Kindness.

I live on a farm, in the wilderness. I'm surrounded by forests, lakes, streams, beauty, animals, children, gardens, sunlight, and .......... violence. The hardest part of living out here is dealing with violence. Animals, they kill each other, sometimes just for fun. A weasel once came during broad daylight and killed every chicken, except one. One chicken survived. And the hailstorms, in half an hour, an entire crop of food was flattened, demolished. All that work and love, gone. The wind, blowing strongly from the southeast knocks the trees over. The sun burns the ground, the earth cracks and the soil is blown away. The children, they fight with meanness.

In a moment of anguish I sought kindness. Where can I be filled, how can kindness be found, and taught? And I was given this song. And a dance. And my own kindness was unbound. I created kindness, and around my spirit, something responded. As a spiritual being, have this ability that no element or animal has, though they lend their voices. And now I sing kindness all around.

Dear Light, shining round
Fill our hearts and warm the springs.

Dear Rain, gently fall,
Teach us with your balancing.

Dear Earth, warm and cool,
Shelter children, and feed us.

Dear wind, bring us seeds,
Blow into us a nourishing breeze.

Kindness and Love abound!
Surround Spiral, surround!

Kindness and Love abound!
Sing the Presence round!

Let your own voice be raised in song, let the earth be filled with glory!

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  1. Creating kindness- inspiring post you lovely lady. I am really looking forward to getting to know you better Anna!



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