Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Bear Wipes - Making Disposable Diaper Wipes

I started making my own diaper wipes when my youngest got BAD diaper rash as a baby. His skin was very sensitive to the chemicals found in store-bought diaper wipes and I couldn't find a natural alternative in our local stores. I tried using washable cloth wipes but we don't have a dryer so the cloth wipes would get very stiff and scratchy after hang drying, and then there was the smell factor (phewwww!).

I've found numberous wipes recipes floating around, ranging from goat udder wipes to baby oil diaper wipes. I've fine tuned the recipe a bit and I now make and sell these wipes on my online store and at markets. I hesitate to call them "all natural", "chemical free", organic, or eco-friendly, cause many of these terms are being missued by corporations, etc, so I just call them "Baby Bear Wipes".

Baby Bear Wipes can also be used as a handy make-up remover, moisturizer, diaper wipe for sensitive skin, gentle alternative to chemically infiltrated store-bought wipes, hand and mouth wipes, emergency sponge bath, deoderant, farmers market table cleaner, you name it!

It may be difficult to find the exact ingredients I use so I'll provide alternatives in brackets (like this).


2 kg peanut butter jar, washed and sterilized

1 BOUNTY select-a-size paper towel, cut in half width-wise with a sharp knife and take the cardboard core out (must use BOUNTY, other paper towels will turn to mush, cut in half it will look like a toilet paper roll)

1 1/3 cup pure water (sterilize tap water by boiling for 10 min)

2 teaspoons phosphate-free dish soap (most biodegradable dishsoaps will work)

1 tablespoon tea tree bath oil (not essential oil, I used to buy bath oil from Melaleuca, am currently looking for an alternative)

5 drops tea tree essential oil

5 drops lavender oil (use any essential oil that will suit your needs best, rose, neroli, calendula, etc)

Pour all the liquids into the peanut butter jar, shake to mix, then squish the paper towel into the jar. To use wipes, pull the paper towel from the center of the roll (should be positioned upright in the center of the jar). It takes about 12 hrs for the wipes to absorb all the liquid evenly.

If this sounds like too much work for you, feel free to buy wipes from me! I also sell them at Earths General Store in Edmonton. I hope there will be many more happy baby bums thanks to this recipe.

Next up... how to make the absolute best most rocking awesome play dough ever, detailed recipe and hopefully some pictures of baby goats (although baby goats and playdough are not seemingly related)

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  1. (Just thought I'd leave a note to say "thanks!" for this tip! No babies yet, but I love DIY earth-friendly tips like these!!!)


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