Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring has sprung and it's pouring

How does the saying go.... "it never rains but it pours" or " when it rains it pours" I'll look it up someday. In anycase, whether or not I have the saying right, my life is in the midst of the proverbial downpour.

Starting with the toilet, ahhhh yes, the toilet, modern necessity and trouble-maker, our toilet has been giving us grief since the tip of a lazer sword was secretly flushed down, leading first to vigorous plunging, then snaking, at which point the felon materialized. A small matter, if left at that, however, the vigorous plunging is now being blamed for seperating the sewage pipes below the trailer causing a major raw sewage washout. Probably 5 days of ewww de toilette from 5 adults and 2 children dispersing itself under our trailer.

The kitchen sink drain also seperated near the boys playroom, I thought the smell was coming from pissy pants that I had yet to discover.

On top of that, dh lost his job and is away looking for more work (we're actually happy, though still stressed), Papa next door broke his ankle, and I'm trying to prepare myself emotionally for a 5 week seperation from the loves of my life when the boys go to Sweden with their grandma.

Yes, I'm venting, but it's such a perfect venue. My favourite part of today was watching the baby goats push each other off the big playground tire, life isn't that bad.


  1. I feel your pain Anna. These countless trials in life seek to destroy our sanity and our serenity. You are not alone.

    Today the kitchen breaker had to be replaced enraging me for fear of the repair bill. Alicia has thrown 3 separate tantrums of monumental proportions which lead me to tears and questioning my purpose.

    Ahhh... Venting does help... this is why we women must ban together and lift each other up! I'm sending you happy thoughts and positive energy to surround you and see you through:)

  2. Thanks Alison, I'm now singing my country song in reverse, got the better job back, got the toilet back, got the kids settled...

    It all worked out for the good.


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