Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I can't believe it!!! Triplets were born today, just after a big snowstorm with 5 cm of snow. We had Champagne outside and Lucas came running in the house to say that Champagne had her babies. We bundled the babies up, still wet and covered in goo, and rushed them into the barn where warm straw was waiting for them. I could sit and watch Champagne mothering them all day. They talk to eat other constantly and the babies flop around seeking her teats and usually finding a leg or an elbow. Champagne did an impressive job of licking them all clean and dry. She keeps fluffing up the straw to keep them warm and nuzzling, licking and always talking. It's so beautiful. We've just put the other 2 goats in with her and I have to go check them soon to make sure Billy is not stressing the new mommy.

I've already named them, Tickle (with the airplane ears), Revel (black and white with LaMancha ears), and Charm (brown and white). I stayed long enough to make sure they all got a good guzzle of clostrum, but Champagne was trying to push me out. I'm trying not to be too nosy but they are just so darn helpless looking. ALL GIRLS! Hooray! They're keepers!


  1. Congratulations Anna! Goats are my next favorite animal, right after the angora rabbits! I'm so very jealous but so very happy for you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful! I can't wait to meet them. Mommies are awesome.

  3. Awww!!!To know the goat is to loves the goat. Triplets what a blessing:) Congrats my Goat Godesss and family.


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