Monday, July 03, 2006

Busy June

Where does time go? My ambitious goal was to have at least a monthly blog but it looks like that might turn into a bimonthly blog. Insomnia is great for catching up on things. So much has happened in month of June, we got our long awaited Aurucana chickens (that lay green eggs) and built a chicken tractor for them. I'd love to post pics but I think they're on the other computer and that's just way to much fiddling. Maybe I won't sleep tomorrow night and find them for y'all.

More recently Loretta the llama finally had her baby... I was beginning to think she was just fat and not pregnant. Loretta is the brown one and we've named her little boy Sambo, he is SO soft! JoJo is the black male checking out his new herdmate in the picture.

I hope Lucas and Sambo will be good friends, they're off to a good start anyway. Loretta is a bit wild and tries to herd her baby away from me but I'm trying to work with him every day and I"m hoping he'll be the first of our llamas to handle easily.

It's been hot and sunny, perfect summer weather, and Lucas has fun in his wading pool. The pool has also become Loretta and Sambo's drinking hole cause we have them penned up in Lucas's newly fenced in back yard (wish I had a picture of that too cause I'm pretty proud to have dug the post holes, wired up the fence and made 3 gates for this yard all by myself).

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