Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Hooray! We had a little family outing yesterday and picked up our first milk goat, Cedar (she was already named and I call her Cedarina, it just sounds more feminine). It was a bit comical with me driving our battered and bruised pick-up and David squashed in the "back seat" with the loudly bleating goat. Lucas looked on with wide eyes from his rear-facing passenger position as we bumped along the gravel road. Amazingly he actually fell asleep on the way despite the loud rattling of the truck and baaaing of our 3 month old goat.

The goat promptly escaped from it's new pen (what was supposed to be Lucas's play yard) and we chased it around and around before David finally had to put Lucas to bed and I crashed off into the bushes for one last try. I finally caught up with the little bugger in some thick brush close to the property line and after failing to catch, pounce, lasso and coax the fearfilled creature back, I, in desperation, started bleating to the best of my human ability and wouldn't you know, that darn goat followed me all the way back to the pen echoing bleat for bleat. Thank goodness Cedarina has now accepted our big mamma, Loretta the llama, as it's surrogate mother and no further escape attempts have been made.

Sambuca (Sambo) seems happy now to have another small sized friend and I've seen him do a few acrobatical little jumps and twirls as if he's trying to impress his new herdmate. I forgot to mention in the last story that while we were chasing little Cedar round and round, our male llama JoJo was making the strangest hee-hawing noises. Honestly, I'm sure he was laughing at us and maybe I would have been laughing to if I hadn't been so out of breath.

I have to include a picture of Kona who has been feeling rather left out in all this new activity. She likes to chase the chickens when left out unsupervised, I had to practically pull one out of her mouth the other day, so sometimes she's only out of the kennel for an hour or so a day. Poor puppy! Here's a photo on the internet to make up for it Kona! Now grandma's cats are coming over to tell me that I forgot to feed them today. I guess I'll brave the nighttime mosquitoes or they'll come and raid my cat's food (the expensive stuff... $45 bucks a bag for CAT FOOD! I'm way to much of a softie).

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