Saturday, February 02, 2008

Phantom yarn

I just finished spinning this yarn while watching the Phantom of the Opera *sigh*. I have always love that musical, I can never understand why she didn't choose the phantom, come on! mysterious, brilliant, dedicated, passionate, dark, did I mention passionate. Ok, he was also a killer and stalker, but STILL! Better than that flim flam dude, bossy and arrogant, yuck!

It's great to spin and watch movies on a cold wintery February night (especially ones with dreamy phantoms). The yarn turned out beautifully, so rich, I thought it would be more easter eggy pastels when I dyed it but its actually fairly dark, I love that about spinning, never really know what your going to get. And would you believe me if I said that some yarns choose to be fine and others choose to be bulky? This one I wanted to be bulky but I just kept coming out fine with little nibs and nobs. And since I abhore conflict (personality type I'm told, although I know someone who disagrees with this statement) the yarn always ends up getting its way.

*another sigh* It's going to take me hours to wind down (hey that's almost a pun). I might just spin up another bobbin of yarn. I dyed three batches yesterday, that easter eggy one that turned out to be hmmm, phantomy, and a bright pink and orange one, and a sea green and blue one. I found some old wool that someone gave me and looked in a couple bags when I first got it and it all looked very pilled and overwashed so I stacked it in a remote corner, but I just yesterday looked in the other bags and here it was, unwashed fleece, pounds of it! Dye dye dye! I love saying that. Or I tell Grams, I'm going to dye today and go to spinners heaven (where Gerard Butler movies play all the live long day).

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