Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ply away!

I spent a whole day plying away. The top pic is of the phantom yarn plied with greeny stuff and it ends up looking eastery after all. The color combos are so fun! It's addicting, and I almost plyed every yarn I own, but ran out of time. I was using my new cherry wood indian head spinner that has a HUGE bobbin so I can ply a massive skein, enough for a whole scarf and hat or something. Aren't the colors great? I dyed the pinky orangy one the other day with my new batch of fleece. The other stuff I've had kicking around for awhile. I only have 11 skeins left to make this week to fill up my sales spindle for the farmer market I'm going to. Whatever doesn't sell at the the sylvan lake winterfest will have the priviledge of being made into funky hats. That will be my last winter project, after which I will be designing summer garb and linens.

It's getting to be that time of year, to hang the spring garland, pack away the remaining xmas decos, and hold my breath for warm weather. Can you believe our pipes are frozen for the 3rd time. arrrrrg. luckily its only the hot water in the kitchen that won't work, not a full on freeze. It did warm up enough though to castrate llamas today. Yeeeha! Life on a farm, I tell ya...

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