Monday, February 18, 2008

To Market To Market

I wouldn't call the Sylvan Lake Farmers Market experience a huge success but it did get me inspired in many ways. That's my table there, have to experiment a bit, I'm not totally please with it. I'm glad I came around to the idea of selling my diaper wipes (Baby Bear Wash and Wipes, I call them) cause they are the only thing I know is going to sell consistently, thereby covering the costs of the table, etc. Otherwise, it is impossible to know what is going to sell. I had ALOT of yarns for sale this time, didn't sell any, not a whole lot of scarves, sold one, tonnes of photo frames, didn't sell any but lots of people said they were going to steal my idea. Just as a side note, it's ok to steal peoples ideas, I do all the time in subtle ways, but for crying out loud, you don't have to tell the person, as if your giving them a compliment or something! Actually, what I usually do if I'm going to steal someones idea (modified of course!) is I buy something from them, just out of courtesy, and it gives me a chance to compliment them in a real way.

Speaking of ideas, I came home and had some major brain waves. I have an idea for "faerie fabric" that is going to be all loose and shimmery. In my mind it is magical and beautiful, the hard part is to get it to translate on the loom.

I was going to do some hat work but I'm torn, spring is on its way and I should really start on my hand-painted place mats and table cloths to get ready for the summer season. I'm going to do 2 markets a month in Sylvan, it's at a really great time, Fri nights. Then I might try a couple in Red Deer and I might have some of my stuff at an organic co-op in Red Deer. Lots to do! AND then there's the Etsy store... soon to be refurbished, if I can ever convince my ever loving husband to get is butt out to my cabin and take the #$@&%*%#$@ PICTURES! My own pictures being sadly inferior. Deep breath, in time. I did like the picture I took of my yarns in the washer though.


  1. Washer picture is perfect! Artsy.

  2. I didn't know you could wsh yarn...


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